Best Cairo Museums that You Can Visit 

Egypt is considered one of the most historically rich countries in the world because of its great ancient monuments and ancestors. Many people love visiting this place, especially the city of Cairo because it feels like you’re a part of the past. 

That’s why there are a lot of monuments and museums that you can visit while you’re there. Here at Nile View Zamalek Hotel, we want to help you mark the museums that you can visit around the city of Cairo. 

Abdeen Palace Museum

If you are near the district of Abdeen, you might want to visit this great place. It is full of history because it is not built to be a museum but an office for the president of Egypt. You’ll definitely learn more about the history of the government and the royal family here. 

The place is full of paintings and decorations that tell a story about the history of the country. The ornaments will definitely get your attention because most of them are made in gold. It is definitely worth the visit. 

Manial Palace Museum

Located in the district of El-Manial, this museum is also known as the  Prince Mohammed Ali Tawfik Palace because it was built to his name. It is one of the oldest buildings in the country because it dates back to the Ottoman dynasty. The museum is filled with paintings, sculptures, and paintings that show the lifestyle of the prince. 

The Coptic Museum

When you want to learn more about the city’s diversity and where it came from, then you should visit this place. You’ll definitely learn more about Cairo’s love for multiculturalism and how it became a hub for different cultures and religions in the country. 

The museum was built in 1908 and it shows how different cultures and religions were welcome in the country. It is also filled with a lot of wood-carving and sculptures that will make you leave in awe. 

One of the main attractions here at the museum is not just a simple painting or a sculpture but the world’s oldest book of psalms. The psalms of David are placed on the first floor of the museum along with the original wooden covers of the book. 

Museum of Islamic Arts

Before it was known as the Museum of the Islamic Arts, this place was a Fatimid mosque. It was converted to be one of the largest museums that showcase different types of Islamic artefacts that everyone can see. 

There are over 100,000 pieces of artefacts that are stored and shown to the public. This ranges from paintings, weaponry, jewellery, and many more. There are also rare manuscripts from the Quran that can be seen in this museum.